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My bonsai is 3 days old and it looks good!

Nice job! Mine is close to two months old, but I had to leave it unattended for 3 days, I'm afraid it's not going to make it. Still fun starting a new one, but I'm hoping this one makes it.

Still be great to be able to cut this stuff off.

An undue button would be nice about now.  I cut my 39 day old tree in half accidentally. Would love to be able to trim the dead foliage below the base line of the pot too. Thanks.

How many days does it take to grow?

Within hours you can have a little fellow.  My first few died within a couple days and one made it a couple weeks. My latest one I've been able to make sure it stayed watered better and kept dead leaves cut off (which help the plants stress) the best the application let's us. It's impossible to cut them off if they are too low or on the backside of the tree.  Here is one of mine at only 4 days old.4 Day Old Bonsai

Here, the hard part was finding the right Bonsai humans to accompany the tree! Giggity, giggity, goo!

I really wish I could cut the dead foliage off the backside of my tree.  The tree stays stressed because I can't  select and cut them.

Hi! Yes I should really do something about this... Thanks for your message! :)

-- Daan

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Hi! The bonsai always grows in the direction of the sun (more or less) you should not place it too close...

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Still feeling pretty happy with the bonsai

Feeling pretty much just as happy with this bonsai, it is gorgeous and I am gorgeous


I am very happy with this bonsai so far.