Take care of your virtual bonsai.

ZenBonsai is a Virtual Bonsai game. Adopt a tree, water it and watch it grow. The tree grows slowly over the days, so this is a game of patience and calmness. Cut some leaves, bend some branches, strip off some bark. Especially: keep your zen. The bonsai tree is a reflection of your inner self. If all goes well, after a few days you'll have your own beautiful Bonsai.

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Published 1 year ago
AuthorDaan Kogelmans
Tagsbonsai, growing, tamagotchi, tree


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Hi! The bonsai always grows in the direction of the sun (more or less) you should not place it too close...

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Still feeling pretty happy with the bonsai

Feeling pretty much just as happy with this bonsai, it is gorgeous and I am gorgeous


I am very happy with this bonsai so far.